Botox Gel Promises to Cure Wrinkles Without Needles

Have wrinkles? Afraid of needles? A new Botox gel could be your answer. A new topical gel containing the same toxin that is used in Botox injections could soon become the new hot beauty product. Two studies have shown that the Botox gel successfully reduces crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes.

Researcher Michael Kane, MD, a New York City plastic surgeon, said:

“The gel contains botulinum toxin type A and a peptide carrier, which is what helps the botulinum toxin gel penetrate the skin.”

According to WebMD, the two studies used the Botox gel on 270 patients. After four weeks, 89% of the patients saw a reduction in wrinkles.

Kane said:

“There is an applicator used to apply the gel to the area. The gel sits on the area for 30 minutes. Then it is wiped off and the patient walks out.”

Kane will present his study at Plastic Surgery 11, an annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this Saturday.

The Botox gel will still need to undergo a few more studies before it can seek FDA approval. The most recent study was a phase II study. Once phase III research is completed on the new gel, it will be sent to the FDA for approval.

Here’s a news report about the new gel.

The product is being developed by Revance Therapeutics. Revance says the Botox gel will appeal to people “who have considered treatment but are uncomfortable with the pain and bruising associated with injectables.”

What do you think of the new Botox gel? Will this be the newest way to delay ageing?