Pastor Ed Young Uses ‘Drones’ As A Means To Preach God [VIDEO]

Drones. The frightening, remote-controlled, robots in the sky have been the center of some major controversies as well as the concept for up-and-coming start-ups with potential. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on such articles on both sides of the drone war. For those in favor of drones, Google is the company behind in the use of drones for delivery. However, there are also those against drones such as national parks. Why drones are now being used by paparazzi to take candid juicy shots of celebrities.

Now, Ed Young is using drones for something most people would have not thought drones could be used for: evangelizing.

Uploaded on the official YouTube page for Ed Young, the video already has over 14,000 views. Apparently, everyone seems lukewarm when it comes to either liking or disliking this promo because there isn’t even one like or dislike listed. There also seems to be no comments as well. This is very strange because the video is actually popular enough to make it on The Most Popular Videos on YouTube list.

For those who don’t know who Ed Young is or what he does, the description on his official YouTube channel explains it quite well.

“Ed Young is the senior pastor of Fellowship Church, one of North America’s most attended churches over the past decade. Known for his bold approach to leadership, Ed helps people understand their purpose and their potential from God’s perspective.”

How he uses drones as a method for evangelizing has nothing to do with drones at all. He actually talks about how drones can see and hear everything we do. What about God? He too can see and hear everything we do right? Wouldn’t you like to know more information about God being able to see and hear everything that we do? Apparently, this is the hook that Young used, and the lack of activity shows most people are apathetic to it.

What do you think about Ed Young’s drone promo? Did it do a good job promoting the teaching in which God can see and hear everything we all do? Please let us know in the comments below.