Mary Elizabeth Winstead Nude Photos Leak: Actress Responds To Twitter Hate

Mary Elizabeth Winstead decided to comment on her leaked nude photos, and the internet didn't like what she had to say.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a massive amount of celebrity nude photos were leaked online after a hacker gained access to them. Jennifer Lawrence had close to a dozen personal photos leaked, and Kate Upton had over a hundred. Other victims of the celebrity hacker include McKayla Maroney, Victoria Justice, Krysten Ritter, Kirsten Dunst, and Jessica Brown Findlay. According to io9, the "event" is being called "The Fappening," and it's likely happening as the result of an iCloud hack.

According to Just Jared, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the few celebrities to confirm the validity of her nude photos, and she decided to use Twitter to shame anyone who looks at them.

Unfortunately, some of Winstead's followers weren't very sympathetic. The ugliness aimed at the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World actress was astonishing. She was slut-shamed; her looks were trashed; and she was accused of being a "moron."Some of the most disturbing tweets were deleted.At first Mary Elizabeth Winstead tried to deal with the Twitter trolls by using her block button.She then let her followers know that her nude photos were stolen and leaked by hacker, not someone she knows (sometimes vengeful exes post their former lovers' nude photos online).However, after trying to calmly deal with the situation, she decided to simply walk away.It's sad that some people can't see that Mary Elizabeth Winstead isn't the one deserving of hatred and shaming -- it's the hacker who needs to be punished for stealing personal items from these celebrities. How is stealing from someone's phone any different from stealing from their home? Many people probably hide things in their houses that they wouldn't want others to see, so they probably shouldn't be throwing stones. And most of the men criticizing Mary Elizabeth Winstead were probably more than happy to ogle at all the nude photos that were released.

What do you think of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's tweets and the responses to them?

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