The Difference Between An Earthquake In China And America Is A Revelation! [VIDEO]

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we brought you report of a record earthquake that struck California earlier this month. The seismic activity which was analyzed to be a 6.0 earthquake on the scale meant this was one of the more aggressive earthquakes that struck California. However, it seems there hasn’t been much damage overall. True there were toppled items and broken glass but nothing as drastic as seen in old Hollywood earthquake movies. Why is that?

Apparently, Vox tries to show the reason why in a video they uploaded which shows two different earthquakes in two different locations: America and China. They are both a magnitude of 6.0, but the results are different.

According to an article by Faith It, the video that was uploaded on YouTube is known as a short knowledge bomb which puts everything into global perspective. The comparisons between both cities are staggering too. First we will show you a bullet list below of statistics of the Chinese earthquake.

  • Deaths: 619
  • Homes Destroyed: 25,800

Now we will show you a bullet list of statistics for the California earthquake.

  • Deaths: 0
  • Homes Destroyed: 4

Wait a minute! How can this be possible? Both areas were struck by earthquakes of similar strength yet California’s numbers are favorable. All they got were four destroyed homes while China suffered far more? Why is that?

The Burning Truth says it best when they bring up that China used a lax building code with lax enforcement. Because of this, entire cities in China are not safe when earthquakes hit them. Usually, most buildings are made with enforced masonry and in the video, they crumble easily with sideways movement. The building made with seismic codes sustained the movement and remained upright. Also, it should be reported that the video shows that the United States has the lowest death toll for earthquakes since 1980 thanks to more reliable building codes.

Now that you know the United States is up to date when it comes to building codes during earthquakes, do you think other countries need to adopt them to save on damage as well as lives? Please let us know in the comments below.