Dead Fetus In High School Bathroom: Maintenance Worker Finds Dead Baby In H.S. Restroom

A dead fetus was found Friday in a bathroom at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas. KHOU in Houston reports that the fetus was found Friday by a maintenance worker after being alerted to it by a student. The deceased infant was found inside a bathroom stall. The second-floor restroom was closed down at 2 pm and was treated as a crime scene. An ongoing search to learn who the birth mother is continues.

Dallas Independent School District spokesman John Dahlander says:

“Obviously, this is very serious. It’s very troubling. But we will work through this as a school district and a school community.”

Students weren’t informed of the dead fetus in the restroom until later, but they knew something was wrong when they saw police. The school district said they were working to notify all students and parents.

“We have called in additional counselors to the school. They will be here on the scene this afternoon,” Dahlander says. “They’re going to be back here on Tuesday to assist any students and staff who may be having difficulty with this particular situation.”

The Dallas Police Department and DISDare handling the investigation.

In a statement released by the the school district, they said:

“The district encourages parents and families to discuss the situation with their students, and when appropriate, encourage their students to meet with counseling staff at the school.”

CBS 11 News reports that their sources say a detective is reviewing a video in an effort to narrow down who the mother is, or if there are any witnesses. It’s a challenging task since there are 1,600 students who attend the high school.

Dallas police reportedly interviewed teachers to see if they might know who which student gave birth to the baby.

The Inquisitr recently wrote an article about a teen who dumped her newborn into a garbage can. The birth mother was caught within a few hours after she abandoned the baby and was arrested. Other stories on this news site include a baby that was found inside a Kohl’s restroom.

These kinds of crimes occur frequently, but a lot of women might be unaware that their state offers a safe haven law. It’s unknown if the dead baby found at the high school was born alive, or was stillborn. Texas does have a safe haven law in which someone can give up their infant within the first 60 days to any hospital, police department, or fire department and not be charged with any crime.

Students and staff at the school are horrified and shaken up about the dead fetus found in the high school bathroom. Hopefully investigators will find the mother soon to get some answers.

[Image via KHOU News]