Why Do We Gossip? The Man On The Street Asks With Many Reasons Why [VIDEO]

To most people within our society, the act of gossiping seems to be both entertaining and something we all despise. Why do we hate gossip but we can’t avoid it? Even here on The Inquisitr, we report on such gossip — primarily on celebrities — and they get a lot of attention, including numerous articles on Jill Duggar. Let’s not forget the numerous divorce rumor articles about Bennifer.

However, the topic of gossip was finally taken to the streets as “the man on the streets” asked individuals why do we gossip, and people’s opinions are very honest. I believe the question given by Faith It best details what the video is trying to accomplish.

“We all know gossiping is harmful, hurtful and should be avoided, yet we all do it. Why is that?”

Uploaded by Soul Pancake, the reasons why people gossip seem to be very true among all of us. One woman said it is because we have nothing better to do. Another explained that it is to feel attached to the person we are gossiping about. And the list actually goes on. However, there were some really good reasons on why we gossip too.

One of the ladies who was asked the question simplified her explanation by stating the ego loves drama, so the ego creates drama and focuses on drama so it doesn’t have to feel its own pain. That one right there seemed to hit it the hardest on the head for most, especially in the comments below.

Probably the best part of the video is the very end, when some of the people on the street act pretend to pull a sticky note from their mouths just to show viewers what it says. The first woman had her sticky note that said the following.

“Gossip hurt my self-esteem and sabotaged my job search!”

Other people showed their sticky notes in which gossip just seems to dig into people’s personal preferences, as well as ruin relationships, especially dear ones that were more important than gossip in the first place.

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