Earthquake Hits Alaska With Little Damage

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Fairbanks area of Alaska on Saturday, according to ABC 15 Arizona. The Alaska Earthquake Information Center reports that no damages seem to have occurred as a result of the earthquake that hit at 7:06 pm. This is probably a result of the affected area being about 43 miles northwest of Fairbanks, despite its 10 mile depth.

The Star Tribune adds that aftershocks were still felt on Sunday morning in Fairbanks and North Pole. These were 4.08 and 4.19 magnitude aftershocks. These were felt throughout the day, after the initial 10 seconds or so of the original earthquake tremors.

Alaska has become a center for earthquakes in recent months, with reports of minor and major earthquakes hitting different cities and towns. The earthquake center also reports that just two weeks ago a magnitude 4.4 earthquake hit the Cook Inlet region, which is about 200 miles southwest of Anchorage. That quake had a depth of 82 miles. The Inquisitr recently covered the aftershocks of one major earthquake that threatened to produce a tsunami. The warning was later cancelled and deescalated by officials. The threat was so severe that residents were asked to evacuate the area after that 7.9 earthquake hit.

In that isolated case, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center noted that the natural disaster was too deep to set off a tsunami for the West Coast since it was mostly concentrated in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Although a tsunami never hit the area, the idea that certain communities could become devastated by low sea levels should a major earthquake hit the area has startled some residents and environmentalists.

Juneau was also affected by earthquakes recently, according to The Inquisitr. That 5.9 earthquake happened overnight and was safely located about 97 miles west of Juneau. The damage still affected residents who lost cell phone and internet service for a day. Those damages were attributed to a broken underwater fiber optic line. The attitude in Alaska has been to manage the inconveniences caused by the earthquakes quickly and with little media coverage.

However, The Inquisitr also noted that residents felt displaced and affected enough by the outage. “There are vendors here who are out of business,” commented Johnny Rice to the Alaska Dispatch News.

Additionally, residents in the Kodiak area of Alaska suffered a magnitude 3.9 earthquake with no reported damages. Seismologist Natasha Ruppert states that it is “unusual” for so many unrelated earthquakes to happen in different parts of Alaska. None of the events were expected and have left Alaskan residents feeling lucky to report that no major damages have taken place.

(Image courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey/ABC 15 Arizona)