Nick Cannon Dating: Jasmine Sanders Is A Mariah Carey Look-Alike [Photo]

Nick Cannon is reportedly already dating after his split from Mariah Carey. While the two are technically still married, Nick has been showing some serious interest in another woman. Model Jasmine Sanders is said to be dating the America’s Got Talent host, and she has been called a Mariah look-alike by Radar Online (well, the site’s specific wording was “copycat”). Nick has reportedly been seeing Jasmine since July — and he’s apparently paying for her apartment in Los Angeles.

“Cannon reportedly cozied up to Sanders at an event in Malibu in July. [He] is so taken with the beauty, he has been paying the rent on her Los Angeles apartment.”

Mariah Carey has not filed for divorce from Nick Cannon yet, and while Cannon has confirmed that there is “trouble in paradise,” there hasn’t been any confirmation that the two are getting divorced. However, if the rumors about Cannon and Sanders are true, things between him and Mariah are most definitely over. Interestingly enough, sources claim that the reason for the couple’s split had to do with Nick being unfaithful — but he denied those reports early on.

“Mariah thinks that when Nick travels that he cheats on her. Mariah is super jealous.”

Don’t forget, Nick said that he and Mariah had been living separately for “months.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mariah was seen skipping town last week. It was later reported that moving trucks showed up at her apartment. It’s unknown what was taken from the home or where Mariah went, but it does seem clear that her marriage is over.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will both be on the market, though it seems like Nick is already ready to go. The 33-year-old recently spoke about what he looks for in a woman. According to Huffington Post, Nick said that he wanted a woman who “knows” what she wants.

“[I prefer] a strong woman. I like somebody who knows what they want and getting right to it. That makes a lot of sense for me. And so I welcome that, or ‘welcomed’ that. You never want to make it about the individual. You say, ‘Hey, what are you and your friends doing? I want to come hang out with y’all.’ Or, ‘let’s all go together.’ So that takes all the pressure off of it of this whole one on one conversation. I’m a true believer in everything has to start off as a friendship first so it was never really about dating. Everybody that I was probably ever serious with it always started off like, ‘Yo, let’s just be cool,’ and then it turned into something else.”

It certainly sounds like Nick is ready to get back into the dating world — so perhaps he and Jasmine Sanders are just friends… for now.

[Photo courtesy of Heidi Gutman/NBC]