‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Week of Sept. 1 Brings Confrontations, Revelations And Shockers

What can fans expect from General Hospital this week? While Monday’s show will be a rerun from July due to the Labor Day holiday, the rest of the week has some big events ahead. There are plenty of juicy General Hospital spoilers available, and it looks like fans should brace for a wild ride ahead.

According to the Official Morgan Corinthos Facebook page, General Hospitalspoilers indicate that Kiki will overhear a conversation between Carly and Sonny that will reveal something juicy and shocking. Carly has a big favor to ask Kiki, while Sonny tries to assure Carly she shouldn’t be worried. Kiki will share a big secret with Morgan, and this leads Morgan to wonder if his parents have reconciled. Are Carly and Sonny about to be exposed?

In other General Hospital spoiler news, She Knows Soaps reveals that Levi will go to extreme measures this week. Will someone be able to stop him before he hurts Lulu or Maxie? This coming week Sabrina will get some stunning news about her car accident, and she wonders about Ava’s possible involvement after an encounter with her. Patrick has some news for Sabrina, and the two have different ideas about what happened with the crash. Sabrina wants revenge, but it may not be easy to accomplish it.

Nina will figure prominently into this coming week as well. She has a new obsession, and she will work with Rosalie to try to accomplish something big. Rosalie thinks Nina is up to something, which of course she surely is. Nina will tell Silas she’s ready to start a family, and she will open up to Franco about wanting a baby as well. In the meantime, Silas makes a confession to Kiki about Nina.

Sam is hurt that Patrick is keeping things from her, and she will also warn Silas that he needs to be careful around Nina. Ava is in a desperate position and she’s seeking help from Franco. This week, she also “comes face to face with the enemy.” Also this week, Britt will have some questions for Liesl about Nathan’s father.

The groundwork is clearly being laid for big appearances this fall. While everybody is anxious to see Jason Morgan finally return, it’s also known that Anthony Geary will be back with resolution to the Luke/”Fluke” mystery. In addition, Donna Mills returns to the show, and Robin Mattson will be popping up as Heather for a bit. How will it all play out? Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers and tune in to ABC weekdays to see just how it all plays out in Port Charles.

[Image via General Hospital Blog/Zimbio]