Zayn Malik’s Fiancée Perrie Edwards Updates Hair Color Before Wedding

Zayn Malik’s fiancée Perrie Edwards has changed her hair color again. The 21-year-old Little Mix member has dyed her hair a variety of different colors, including gray, pink, and purple. So it should come as no surprise that she has colored her long locks once more. However, the color may come as a bit of a surprise. Instead of her typical shocking Easter egg hues, the lovely bride-to-be opted for natural blond.

Could it be that Perrie Edwards’s new hair color has something to do with her upcoming nuptials? According to Now Magazine, Zayn Malik’s fiancée confided that she planned to march down the aisle as a blond even, though she wasn’t certain about her bridal hairstyle. So her sudden change would seem to indicate that she is preparing for the wedding.

“I’m very experimental with my hair, so I haven’t got a clue [how to have it] at the moment. It could be anything – I don’t know if I want it up or down yet. But I highly doubt that it will be purple, it would clash with my dress. Colour-wise I’m sticking with what I am now – I’ve had enough of changing it and it’s far less damaging being less blonde than I was.”

Zayn Malik’s fiancée’s lovely blond locks were on full display when she appeared with the rest of Little Mix at Blackpool’s Illuminations Switch-On Festival on Friday. The Daily Mail reported that Perrie Edwards and her fellow singers wore coordinating outfits and fishnet stockings at the event.

If Malik’s mother is right, the big wedding could take place later this year after little more than two and a half years together. The couple has been engaged since August 2013.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Zayn Malik and his family were the victims of a cruel death hoax when #RIP Arshiya started trending on Twitter earlier this month. Arshiya is Malik’s little cousin. She underwent surgery for a brain tumor and was listed in critical condition following the serious procedure. However, reports of her death were premature and unkind, and older cousin Aaroosa promised that the family would keep the public posted if the worst happens. Hopefully, it won’t.

“Arshiya is still with us Alhamdullilah! Please don’t assume until someone has confirmed it,” Aaroosa wrote on Twitter back on August 10, 2014.

Two days later, Aaroosa sent her last tweet about Zayn Malik’s ailing cousin. “Zayn with Arshiya when she was a baby. Please carry on praying for her. It will mean alot! Thank you. Xx.” The message was accompanied by a link to a photo on Instagram. Before you fall for a #RIP Arshiya death hoax, be sure to check for official announcements from the family.

Zayn Malik smiles with his cousin Arshiya

[Image of Perrie Edwards via Now Magazine; Image of Zayn with Arshiya by Aaroosa Malik via Instagram]