Dangerous Concert: Luke Bryan Falls Off Stage (Again), 25 Arrested

Twenty-five people were arrested at two Luke Bryan concerts in Indiana over the weekend. Last night's show was also highlighted by the country star taking a fall off the stage.

Country star Luke Bryan performed Friday and Saturday at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, where Indiana State Excise Police arrested over two dozen suspects for illegal possession or consumption of alcohol. Four of the 25 arrested were under the age of 18, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Among the arrested was Cody G. Sondgerath, 20, of West Lafayette, Indiana. He was initially spotted with alcohol in the Klipsch parking lot, and issued a summons by police. Undeterred, Sondgerath went on to drink beer inside the concert, where another office spotted him and brought him in to the Hamilton County Jail. In addition to the arrests, one minor was issued a warning for illegal possession of alcohol. Police plan to continue to work with the Klipsch Music Center to address public safety concerns at concerts, so expect more to be arrested at the venue.

Bryan was either not aware of the arrests, or chose not to acknowledge them. After Saturday night's show, he blissfully tweeted "Too amazing nights [sic]."

It's possible he was more distracted by falling off the stage. Initially not acknowledged by Bryan, attendees of Saturday night's show did not let the incident go unnoticed on Twitter. @Jess66090 captured a picture of Luke getting pulled back up on-stage by crew members immediately after his fall.Bryan soon fessed up, confirming he was not injured and explaining that the stage was recently modified.This is not the first time Bryan has taken a dive off the stage during one of his own shows. In May, he took a tumble in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ended up with some stitches. And before that, in February, a Greensboro, North Carolina, show was punctuated by a fall on the stage. The year started off with a bad sign in Kentucky, when his portable stage collapsed, injuring four workers.

It's also not the first time police have had to take action at a Luke Bryan concert. Last June, a show in Pittsburgh was followed by chaos. Fights broke out, people went to the hospital, and arrests were made.

Luke Bryan continues his That's My Kind of Night Tour at Soldier Field in Chicago tonight.

[Image credit: Calgary Herald]