Look Younger With These Eyebrow Beauty Tips

Look younger by going bold with these eyebrow beauty tips.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the latest trend in bold eyebrow fashion is “eyebrow wigs.” Originally a solution for sufferers of alopecia, eyebrow wigs provide wearers with the flexibility of natural and bold eyebrow hair without the commitment or maintenance. Elle adds that being “heavy-handed” and using different products provides the most natural and multi-faceted pigments for today’s trendy eyebrow looks.

Anastasia Soare, celebrity brow expert and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, notes, “For years, brow products didn’t exist, and when they finally came along, people would fill in their brows with a single product. Most of my clients are surprised when they see how many different types of brow fillers I use on a single eyebrow! The reason for this is using a single product provides only a single type of pigment and texture to the brow. You will get a good result if you use a single pencil, like Brow Wiz for example, but layering powder, pencil, and gel will give you a multi-dimensional brow that looks natural and polished.”

Following her beauty tips, anyone can create a professional eyebrow look at home.

Star Tribune reported on Friday that the way to wear eyebrows is “bold.” With various products and YouTube tutorials offering eyebrow beauty tips, the fashion world is pushing many new eyebrow looks and products into the consumer market.

“Thick, long and arched eyebrows” are the trend, according to Huffington Post blogger, Sacha DeVoretz. Citing that celebrities have been following the trend of thicker and bolder eyebrows, DeVoretz points out beauty tips from the makeup looks of Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Audrey Hepburn — women who also added a flattering tint to their notable eyebrows.

Derm Store notes that thinning eyebrows cause anyone to look older. It is also one of the least identified signs of aging, with hair loss bringing a loss of youthfulness. SmartBrow, a product that fills in spots of thinning eyebrow hair, is one of the great eyebrow beauty tips in the market today. With easy application and a reasonable price, it provides easy at-home solutions to create bold eyebrow looks.

Below, a simple tutorial shows how to turn basic eyebrows into a natural and bold eyebrow look with easy to copy beauty tips.

The Inquisitr reported on Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows when she bleached them to the public’s surprise. It is clear that eyebrows make an impact on a person’s appearance, for better or worse. New Zealand Herald also reports that Anna Reeve, a model who lost her hair to alopecia, thinks the eyebrow wigs look “really real.”

The model adds, “Some people don’t like drawing them on because you can wipe your face and it comes off and it also looks quite one-dimensional and fake.” Whether people use them after illness or as a result of overusing tweezers, eyebrow wigs come in a variety of shapes, colors and thickness. This makes it easy for a person to experiment with eyebrow beauty tips that best match their face shape.