Navy Sailor Accused of Breaking 29 Bones In Infant Son’s Body When He Wouldn’t Stop Crying

A 2-month-old infant has suffered near-fatal abuse at the hands of his own father. The Town of Groton Police Department arrested Jordan Rittenhouse on Tuesday, August 26. According to The Day of Connecticut, the 24-year-old Connecticut sailor was charged with first-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor after he allegedly broke a total of 29 bones in the baby’s body. Rittenhouse told investigators that the child refused to stop crying.

Hospital officials and a pediatrician with the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital reportedly classified the incident as “the worst case they have seen.” They also told investigators the baby boy was lucky to have survived the ordeal given the level of trauma he’d suffered.

When investigators interrogated Rittenhouse, he reportedly admitted to abusing the child. According to the official arrest warrant, Rittenhouse stated he’d been squeezing his son “hard enough to make him stop crying.” He also specified that he’d done so approximately “eight times over a three-to four-week span.” However, that’s not all. Rittenhouse also recalled one occasion in particular where he’d squeezed him extremely hard under the armpits. Although he thought he’d punctured one of the baby’s lungs, he didn’t even opt to seek medical attention to have him checked.

But, it gets worse. According to the New York Daily News, the baby also suffered some bleeding of the mouth after having a bottle “shoved” in. Rittenhouse described the baby as “fussy.” When the baby didn’t want a bottle, he forced it into his mouth.

Although some who are well-acquainted with Rittenhouse find the allegations quite shocking, one person claims to have encountered similar behavior. Neighbor Teddy McCarty revealed Rittenhouse yelled at her daughter one day when she was playing in water outside of his home. However, she only wishes him the best.

“It’s very eerie knowing that this neighbor lives directly next door to us. It’s very concerning as a parent,” McCarty said.

Rittenhouse was originally being held on a $300,000 bond. However, the amount was increased to $500,000 on Friday following his arraignment. Although he has been ordered to refrain from contacting the family if he posts bail, his public defender has already stated that he will not be able to post bond. Rittenhouse is also on suicide watch.

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