Julia Collins, Female To Win Most Ever On Jeopardy, Explains What She Will Do With Money

What do you do when you win more than $400,000 on “Jeopardy”?

That is what Kiplinger’s Personal Finance asked Julia Collins, whose “Jeopardy” winnings totaled $428,100.

For Julia Collins, her “Jeopardy” winnings are going to be invested wisely, she told the finance magazine.

“Probably mostly save and invest. I paid off all my student loans while I was working, so I’m lucky enough to have no debt, which is wonderful. I have saved and contributed pretty aggressively to my workplace retirement accounts, but I haven’t really done much investing, so I’m probably going to do that. Nothing too crazy—index funds, other mutual funds.”

Julia Collins’ “Jeopardy” winnings also took her to Paris for a month, as well as a week-long trip to London, she told the magazine.

As for how she was able to pay off those student loans without the Jeopardy winnings, she told Kiplinger‘s that she worked to pay down her undergrad loans before attempting graduate school. Even though she took out an additional $30,000 in loans for grad school, she paid those off fairly easily with consulting income and living a less than high maintenance life, she said.

Want to know some more interesting facts beyond Julia Collins’ “Jeopardy” winnings? The Huffington Post did some digging and came up with 13 interesting facts it learned from Collins about the show itself.

Among the most interest is that there is a lot of downtime even though a week of episodes is filmed in a single day.

“Everybody else who is waiting to play is in the audience during the game [being taped]. Two people get held over to the next day, which is what happened to me; I had watched a full week of games before I played. There’s a lunch break after the third game and it’s like three, three-and-a-half hours between when you get there and when the first show tapes, so you have a lot of time to talk to the other contestants. I got to know the people who played the week before me because I sat with them all day. I got to talk to the woman that I beat in my first game; I sat in the audience with her, had lunch with her and then talked to her again the next morning. People who want to be on “Jeopardy!” are a self-selecting group so you have that in common, that’s a really fun part of being on the show.”

While Collins did really well on “Jeopardy,” perhaps you’re looking to see someone not do so well. If that’s the case, click on over to this Inquisitr article from 2009 and watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer bomb during “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

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