‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 10 HOH, Nominees, POV Winner Revealed

Big Brother 16 is back with a new episode Sunday night, and there’s a lot for viewers to catch up on since the last show. This is week 10, and it’ll be a big week. There’s a double eviction ahead, and the houseguests are going to have to start turning on their core alliance soon. Fans want Big Brother spoilers, and there are a lot available.

As Buddy TV notes, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Caleb won the week 10 Head of Household competition. On Friday, he nominated Nicole and Christine for eviction, with Nicole being the primary target. Of course, the BB16 houseguests don’t know that this will be another double eviction week.

On Saturday, the Power of Veto competition was held. Christine won, which of course means she’ll take herself off the block during Monday’s POV Ceremony. That means Nicole is stuck on the block, and she knows she’s in a tough spot. It’s been clear since she got back in the house that both she and Donny would be primary targets, as Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Frankie have had big plans to whittle down the competition. Cody was the first out of the week 10 POV competition, which means he’s being punished this week by having to wear a dinosaur suit whenever he’s not sleeping or in the pool or shower.

Though it seems obvious that Nicole will probably be evicted, the guys have been considering options. Caleb, Derrick, and Cody are talking about the possibility of finally backdooring Frankie. He didn’t play in the POV competition, and this may well be their last solid opportunity to get him out. Though Caleb and Frankie have grown close, as Big Brother Network noted, Caleb told Derrick and Cody, “Frankie and I are close, but we’re not that close.”

This has been a season lacking in big, unpredictable moves, so the likelihood of Caleb putting Frankie up during the POV ceremony Monday is probably pretty slim. The guys know he’s a threat, and he has shown that he has the strength to win competitions, yet nobody seems ready to pull the trigger to evict him.

The likely scenario in week 10 is that Nicole will probably be evicted Thursday, with either Victoria or Christine to follow in the double eviction. However, BB16 fans are hoping that perhaps Caleb, Derrick, and Cody will think things through to the point where they see it’s time to go after a tougher target and shake things up a bit. Will it happen? Fans will need to stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as things progress.

Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing on Sunday to see the HOH competition and nominations, then stay tuned for Big Brother spoilers as the POV ceremony takes place on Monday.

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