Ariana Grande’s Most Embarrassing Moment

Ariana Grande is one of the world’s biggest pop stars right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. In fact, The Inquisitr just reported that Grande’s antics labeled her one of the worst famous people currently alive. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, Ariana has had some mistakes while performing on stage, and she’d be the first to admit it.

Grande recently spoke to Hollywood Life about her most embarrassing moment on stage. The singer confessed she could be very clumsy, even while performing.

“The most embarrassing moment I have had on stage is…well once I was in the middle of a performance and my shoe came off!” Ariana Grande said when asked what her most embarrassing moment was.

While this may seem pretty mortifying, Ariana’s biggest on-stage accident didn’t happen while she was a world-famous pop star; it happened when she was only 14 years old. Ariana was performing in a Broadway musical. The shoe flew off during the opening act of the play.

You can hear Ariana Grande talk more about the shoe incident while talking to Today, even sharing how she recovered from the near catastrophe. Fortunately for Ariana, her best friend was at the performance and sitting in the front row. When her shoe came off, it just so happened to fly right into the lap of her friend Alexa, who then proceeded to throw it right back on stage. Ariana was able to put the shoe back on and continue the performance.

See the full interview in the video below, including a few more personal tidbits about Ariana Grande.

While losing her shoe may be Ariana’s most embarrassing moment on stage by her own account, her actual most embarrassing moment may have just happened this week. The Inquisitr recently reported on a massive online leak of nude celebrity photos, including some of Ariana Grande.

According to The Daily Mail, Ariana also recently confessed that she’s very happy with her boyfriend Big Sean, the rapper. She met him while recording “Problem” with Iggy Azalea. Big Sean provided some backup vocals for the collaboration, and he and Ariana must have hit it off. They started off just friends, but now it seems Grande is moving into a more serious relationship. When the Today Show asked her about her love life, Ariana Grande responded, “I’m happy.”

“They have been friends since they made the song together. They have been spending more time together and recently have been getting very close. They are both doing great,” a source told E! Online.

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