Andy Samberg Appears As Mark Zuckerberg During F8 Conference [Video]

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was announced during Thursday’s F8 Conference the crowd was greeted not by Zuckerberg but instead by Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg who delivered a hilarious seven and a half minute speech.

Among “fake Mark’s” biggest announcements was a “slow-poke” button that can be taken back without the other person knowing it was sent within 24 hours poking and a new list called “I’m Not Really Friends With These People” which according to Samberg is perfect for storing all of those awkward friends you never talk to from middle school along with the drunk old lady you met at a charity event.

Zuckerberg also took some jabs from Samberg in relation to his dog “Beast” which has a popular Facebook page with nearly 200,000 fans.

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

I personally like the opening remark about “changing the world” which is trademark Mark Zuckerberg.