Sleep Apnea: Test Confirms Ryan Jensen, Former Raven’s American Football Player, Has Conditon

Severe sleep apnea is the diagnosis for former American football Baltimore Ravens player Ryan Jensen, according to the latest report by CBS. Jensen was diagnosed with the condition recently, leading to speculation that sleep apnea may have been a major reason why the ex-Ravens player was cut on Saturday, according to the Baltimore Sun. His NFL draft profile shows that offensive lineman Ryan Jensen had been drafted to the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 during the sixth round.

Ryan Jensen was advised to get a health check up after his superiors noticed a drastic change in him, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“Harry (Swayne) was concerned about me,” Jensen said. “He spoke to me and said, ‘You’re not the same guy. You seem really angry. What’s going on with you?’ He reached out to help me and was worried. He suggested I get checked out. He’s a good guy.”

Jensen was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea after undergoing a sleep test to monitor his breathing. Even after several hours of sleep, Ryan Jensen never felt rested. A sleep apparatus machine now helps the former jock get a good night’s rest.

42 million Americans suffer with sleep apnea. Some estimate the number to be at 18 million. 75 percent of Americans have no idea that they have the disease and go undiagnosed for years which can lead to major complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sleep apnea is a potential life-threatening condition that is often accompanied with severe snoring, according Dr. Charles Samelson. Samuelson is famous for his development of a tongue retaining device that he prescribed to many sleep apnea patients in the mid 1990s.

Sleep apnea can range from mild to severe depending on the type one has. Obese males with high blood pressure are at a higher risk for developing the condition. Though, women are known to suffer from the condition, too.

Sleep apnea can affect one’s quality of life. Alabama native Jason Curry, who has suffered with the condition since 2000, worries about the affect it can have on his family.

The worst part about having sleep apnea is the constant worry about the health risks and about being here for my children. Driving with sleep apnea with the potential to fall asleep at the wheel is my biggest concern, said Jason Curry.

Sleep apnea patients are 3-5 times more likely to have a traffic accident. The American Sleep Apnea Association admonishes those at risk to be tested for the debilitating ailment. Some of the first signs that one has sleep apnea might include, loud snoring, irritability, mood changes and fatigue. Sleep apnea can also be disguised as depression. An app will soon be available to detect sleep apnea, according to an earlier report by Inquisitr.