Blake Shelton Stars In New Pizza Hut Ads

Blake Shelton stars in the new Pizza Hut ads to promote their latest menu item, the bacon and cheese-stuffed crust pizza. Los Angeles Times reports that “The Voice” celebrity judge boasts that the new Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza has become a favorite food, along with wife Miranda Lambert’s cooking. Thursday’s new pizza product launch is set with Shelton honoring interviews about the pizza chain with Rolling Stone Country. “I saw Taylor Swift this week. She said, ‘You’re so funny in those Pizza Hut commercials!’ And I said, ‘Yeah, Taylor. That was my goal all along as a kid: to make it to this level in country music so I could sell the most amount of pizzas possible‚Ķ reach the biggest audience of pizzas that I possibly can.” Adding humor to his country superstar and television personality status, Blake Shelton kicks off the new bacon and cheese-stuffed crust pizza ads.

Inquisitr reports that new product launches and clever marketing campaigns are part of the pizza chain’s efforts to combat falling sales. Jim Schwartz, president and CEO, stated that “Our second quarter was an extremely difficult and, frankly, disappointing quarter for our Pizza Hut business.” Schwartz refers to NPC International, Inc, the largest Pizza Hut franchisee, and their 5.6 percent loss in the second quarter of 2014. He notes that new marketing campaigns and advertising are geared to connect with “Millennials” and showcase “innovation.” It is no wonder the “Neon Light” singer is a great choice to match these new company image goals. Rolling Stone also adds that with 11 album releases under his belt, Blake Shelton has a “phenomenal life and career.”

Most recently, Pizza Hut has been in the news for a variety of media-friendly topics, including its exciting success with ICFLIX in the Middle East. Inquisitr reports that ICFLIX has paired off with Pizza Hut in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman, offering a free 24-hour access to Jazwood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies to all pizza delivery customers. With new efforts all over the world, Pizza Hut is seeking to retain its title as one of the most recognizable brands of pizza in the world.

Shelton points out to Rolling Stone, “At least I’m at this point in my life where I’m only doing things I’m excited about and believe in, because to be on this side of my career, I don’t have to beat my head against the wall anymore, and that’s fun.” Telling the Los Angeles Times that he loves hamburgers, Doritos, Bud Light and, of course, the new Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza, Blake Shelton brings a down-to-Earth image for Pizza Hut’s new marketing efforts in America. The impact on Pizza Hut sales is left to be seen until later this year.

(Image courtesy of Jason Davis/WireImage/Rolling Stone)