Vacations Don’t Have To Break Your Bank, Here Are 8 Great, Cheap Destinations [Video]

Labor Day is here and that means summer vacation season is drawing to a close. And while we hope that everyone had a great time traveling wherever you traveled to on your summer getaways, if you’re let with a headache over your checkbook balance, well, you’re not alone.

Vacations can be expensive. Sometimes very expensive.

That’s why, as always, we at The Inquisitr are here to help, along with our budget-conscious buddies at BuzzFeed. No, we can’t help you payoff that credit card you ran up in Aruba, but here’s what we can do. We can offer you this BuzzFeed video that will enlighten you about eight incredible vacation spots that won’t splinter your bank account to the winds.

In fact, once you get yourself to these destinations, you’ll find prime attractions and activities that will cost you less than 100 bucks — in some cases less than $10!

We’re not talking about sending you to an RV park somewhere in Podunk, Nowhereseville. We’re looking at places like the beaches of the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. We’re talking South Africa, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

Of course, getting there can still run you, but if you know how to shop for air fares you can save significant cash. Several sites, such as to cite one example, allow you to compare fares from dozens of different airlines in a single search.

But once you get there, if you follow the leads in this video next summer — or winter, or anytime — you’ll find that you can visit exotic locations and have an fantastic time without going broke. Enjoy your vacation!