WWE News: Huge Update On Batista’s WWE Return, Triple H Match In the Works?

Since we last updated you on the situation with Batista, it looked like the former-WWE champion began to pack his bags in favor of a full-time career in Hollywood. The Rock started the campaign towards filming movies, instead of taking bumps in a WWE ring. All it takes is that one movie to kickstart their career and forget all about the wrestling ring.

Batista’s new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy,destroyed the box office by setting numerous records. It wasn’t as if Batista had a minor role in the film, rather he played a pivotal role as “Drax the Destroyer,” on of the top-5 characters in the movie.

When Batista left the WWE after the Payback pay-per-view, a lot of reasons popped up as to why, except for the promotion of his movie. Was it the fact that WWE Creative let him down once again? That wouldn’t have been the first time he was at odds with the creative team. The day he quit originally in 2010, it turned into giant resentment towards the WWE, and specifically the direction they were going in.

If Batista ever goes back to the WWE, E-Wrestling News states that a match with Triple H must be in the future plans, or Payback might’ve been the last appearance for the new Hollywood-star, Batista.

Apparently people close to Batista say that he still feels let down and unhappy with WWE over the way he was booked when he returned to the company earlier this year.

One source claims that if Batista were to return, however, that it would be to begin a program forWrestleMania 31 next year. Batista himself has expressed interest in working a retirement match against Triple H, however there has been no word within WWE as to whether or not that is something they would be interested in.

That isn’t much to ask from Batista. He’s always looked up to Triple H and that would be an excellent way to send Drax the Destroyer off into the sunset. For some reason, the WWE Universe didn’t care for Batista’s return. Was it the WWE’s fault? That’s a plausible reaction. Besides, Batista is great on the microphone and can still perform in the ring.

Hopefully, Vince McMahon and HHH finally wake up from their Roman Reigns-induced stupor and realize that is staring at them in the face. Even a Reigns vs. Batista match would be fantastic. They were the last two men in the 2014 Royal Rumble; bad blood must be spilling from enraged jealousy, for Reigns that is.

Batista began with Evolution, a part from a horrible gimmick prior to that, and ran to the main-event scene. He will be a WWE Hall of Famer in the next six years, so giving the guy a proper goodbye is all he is asking for. Triple H needs to make it happen.

[Image via WWE.com]