Ted Cruz: ‘White House Is The Only One Talking About A Gov. Shutdown’

As 2014 nears it’s close, and 2016 just around the corner, election speculation is heating up. Whether the American people are ready or not, a two year non-stop election season is on it’s way. In the Republican Party, a few standouts have started to emerge, each with their own views. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry have been the talk of Washington.

As topics shift, each has had their moment in the spotlight. Rand Paul had his with his Ferguson Op-ED. Rick Perry had been in the positive spotlight for his new approach to prison reform, and tough stance on border security, but stalled when his legal troubles became a distraction.

Ted Cruz has currently taken the mantle of the Republican tough on immigration, but is a 2014 government shutdown looming over this hot button issue?

According to reporting done by The Inquisitr, whispers and rumors have been astir.

“A shutdown is looming over the federal government if a spending bill is not passed by September 30. At that point, the federal government runs out of money and must halt operations. With midterm elections, a hot-button immigration amnesty issue in the argument, and other contention between Democrats, Republicans, and the White House, a looming shutdown may be more likely than not. “

Some Republicans are potentially seeking to attach the Immigration issue to the next spending bill on September 23, as President Obama seems to keep moving towards executive orders to quell the looming border crisis.

Since it was Ted Cruz who was the face of the last government shut down, many are suggesting the senator might help hold up spending to force congressional action on Immigration.

Politico reports that Ted Cruz suggested the White House, ergo President Obama, was the only one speaking of such action.

“There is one person – and one person only – talking about a government shutdown, and that is the White House,” Cruz told reporters, asserting Obama is using “smoke and mirrors” to try “to change the topic” from economic sluggishness and snafus in his signature Obamacare healthcare reform law. “But at the end of the day, it’s not going to work.”

Senator Cruz seems confident that Republicans will win in 2014 and 2016. Though, Senator Ted Cruz implied that President Obama was using the shutdown rumors and the issue of Amnesty to distract Americans from the economy and other major issues, he spoke proudly about the effects of the last government shutdown. He was quoted by Politico in saying:

“If you listen to the Democrats, if you listen to the mainstream media – although I repeat myself – they will tell you the fight that you and I waged last summer, last fall didn’t succeed,” he said. “Well, I think the proof is in the pudding. As a result of that fight, millions of Americans stood up together and elevated the national debate about the incredible harms Obamacare is causing,”

Senator Ted Cruz avoided questions as to whether he was going to run, or if another shutdown showdown was imminent. However, according to The Washington Post, he does see 2016 as a ‘1980 Reagan-Carter moment’ and that the President inspired it in the Republican Party.

So, what are your thoughts on Ted Cruz, Government Shutdowns, and Immigration?

[ Image Via Gage Skidmore ]