‘Saints Row 5’ Not Happening? ‘Saints Row 4’ PS4, Xbox One Coming With New DLC Mission

Saints Row 5 may not be happening after all. What we thought would be SR5, partially teased by Jay Mohr‘s Twitter announcement earlier this year, appears to be a completely new DLC mission for Saints Row 4. Unlike previous DLC missions, this one will be a standalone game.

The first DLC missions for SR4 were in a bundle called Enter the Dominatrix, which was initially the inspiration the full game was based on. The DLC was originally planned as an add-on for Saints Row The Third, inspired Volition to just make a sequel, and was later released as a back story using meta humor to explain it to the gamers.

The second DLC was called How the Saints Save Christmas, which of course contained all of the parody aspects with a new Christmas theme.

The new standalone DLC, again not Saints Row 5, is being called Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. According to Volition’s PAX panel, it was based on Disneyland, but according to the trailer (above), it takes place in Hell. This is exactly the kind of delicious irony we expect.

Gat Out of Hell, obviously named as a parody of Meat Loaf Aday’s classic album Bat Out of Hell, has the President sucked into the Devil’s dominion. Kinzie Kenzington and Johnny Gat will be the playable characters this time as they take the Saints Row 4 gameplay and bring it to new turf.

Great news for fans of Volition’s parody hit of 2013 is that Saints Row 4 PS4 and Xbox One ports are also coming, so all of that parody gameplay will be re-released in higher definition. Hopefully the glitches that SR4 was originally released with (it was admittedly a rush job, but an enjoyable one) will be gone this time when Grand Theft Auto 5‘s biggest competitor hits.

Saints Row 5 might not be happening, but fans of SR4 will be happy to know that the PC version of the game now has a software development kit (or SDK). The Saints Row 4 SDK will let gamers create their own weapons and possibly clothes, and even import their own music for more personalized radio stations.

While we probably won’t see crisp 1080p 60fps gameplay with the Saints Row 4 Xbox One and PS4 ports, we can probably expect more detail and possibly a wider array of customization. Volition has had the chance to work on it since Fall of 2013 and has been keeping extremely quiet about it.

While the new Gat Out of Hell DLC mission is a standalone title, you won’t need to own a copy of SR4 to play it. We imagine there might be some secret bonuses from having a SR4 save file when you start it up.

Saints Row 4 PS4 and Xbox One will include all of the DLC released previously for around $30, and will come bundled with Gat Out of Hell for around $50. The current-gen version will be re-named Saints Row 4: Re-Elected.

Saints Row 5 might not be happening, but Volition really can’t go much further with the series anyway. We can probably expect the next full game to be a reboot if there is one.

[image via YouTube]