Christy Mack Update: Adult Film Star Denies Partying In Las Vegas After War Machine Assault

Christy Mack has reportedly recovered enough to spend a night on the town in Las Vegas, a group supporting her alleged attacker War Machine claims.

The adult film star, who was beaten nearly to death earlier this month with police pointing the finger at her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend War Machine, was photographed in Las Vegas outside a club. The picture was posted to Twitter but picked up by a “Free War Machine” group in what appeared to be an attempt to discredit her assault claims.

Christy Mack had a different account of what happened, however.

Mack responded to the person who originally posted the picture, saying she was just out just getting some ice cream, adding: “I’m not sure that picking up food in our sweat pants is “‘a night on the town.’ ”

“You can see the damage to my face even in the dark. And I can’t drive myself,’ she wrote. “I get out about once a day for a little bit. It’s depressing staying in 1 room sleeping all day.”

While Christy Mack fights allegations that she has been partying, War Machine has been moved to Las Vegas to face assault charges. The MMA fighter was extradited this week after fleeing to California. He was booked in Clark County Jail on Saturday after telling a California judge that he would not contest extradition.

The man born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver will face multiple felony battery, assault and coercion charges and could receive up to 25 years if convicted.

Mack posted pictures of her assault, showing a face with extreme swelling and bruising as well as bruises on her legs. She accused War Machine of breaking into her home and beating a male friend, then repeatedly assaulting her and threatening to rape her. Mack was able to escape and alert police, though War Machine was on the run for several days before being captured.

As Christy Mack recovers she has received an offer for plastic surgery to repair the damage to her face from the attack. Mack has said she will retire from the porn industry.