‘The Tick’ Revived By Amazon, Patrick Warburton Returning [Developing]

The Tick is reportedly coming back to television, according to a recent scoop from People Magazine.

After a three-season animated run during the 1990s and nine hilarious live-action episodes, the criminally ignored superhero comedy series is getting new life through Amazon Studios.

And best of all, the man who was born to play the role — Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement, David Puddy in Seinfeld) — is reprising.

Huffington Post said they’d reached out to Patrick Warburton and Amazon Studios for further comment, but nothing has been released at this time.

While details are pretty sketchy at this point aside from Warburton’s return, that’s really all we need to be excited about this.

For starters, it’s always good to see the dry, deadpan humor of Patrick Warburton in action, especially with a character like The Tick, which also gives him the ability to get a little crazy.

Secondly, the show killed it while it was on the air with several laugh-out-loud funny moments in every episode. Unfortunately, as fans of Firefly and other series have learned, Fox has a habit of killing good shows in their prime and allowing stale series like The Simpsons to go on and on and on, way past their expiration date.

That’s what happened with The Tick, and it’s a testament to creator Ben Edlund’s creation that after having seen the small body of work multiple times, it’s still funny after more than a decade.

If you’ve never actually seen what The Tick is like, watch the pilot here:

We definitely think a reboot of The Tick could work. The material is quirky and though Warburton has aged somewhat, he’s still fit enough to don the blue, fake-muscled suit.

Of course, the ideal situation would be to bring back his original co-stars as well, namely David Burke (Arthur), Liz Vassey (Captain Liberty), and Nestor Carbonell (Batmanuel).

If Netflix could drag the cast of Arrested Development back, then there’s hope that Amazon Studios can get these names back together, and it’s much-needed.

Thus far, the Amazon creative projects haven’t been as solid as Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards. While we’ll stop short of saying that The Tick would be in the same ballpark, it would be a success if done right, and that’s something lacking for Amazon at this point.

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