Was Miss Asia Pacific World Unfairly Dethroned Over Her Looks?

May Myat Noe, winner of the Miss Asia Pacific World contest, was dethroned by pageant officials for being “rude and dishonest.” But revelations of the officials’ treatment of the beauty queen from Myanmar have fans wondering who is truly being rude.

May Myat Noe won the South Korean contest in May, 2014. Despite being crowned, officials expressed dissatisfaction with her looks soon after the event. They had one complaint in particular: her breasts.

The officials wanted to make the new Miss Asia Pacific a singer, but thought that her breasts were too small and would get in the way of her career. The organizers said they would pay for her to get breast enhancement surgery. According to David Kim, media director for the pageant,

“It’s our responsibility. If she has no good nose, then maybe, if she likes, we can operate on her nose. If it’s breasts, then breasts.”

May accepted the $10,000 surgery, but the incident marked the beginning of a troubled relationship with the organizers.

The president of the Miss Asia Pacific World contest wrote in a letter,

“Miss That Htet Aung (May Myat Noe) will no longer be ‘The Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 Winner.’ To choose a winner, personality, integrity, loyalty to the organization, and lovely character is the most important, but she never been qualified enough by her attitude to be the winner of such a big pageant. She lied and never had respect of main organization, National Director, manager, media, fans who made her the winner.”

The letter goes on to say that they cannot trust the now ex-Miss Asia Pacific World after her mother attempted to get a three month visa illegally.

Now the organizers are insisting that May Myat Noe return the tiara, which is worth up to $100,000.

May Myat Noe has not yet responded to the letter or her dethronement and according to local reports her phone was switched off. She is believed to be back in Myanmar and that she will soon hold a press conference to discuss the situation.

In the meantime the Miss Asia Pacific World organizers have taken pictures of May Myat Noe off the the official web page. Many of her fans stay loyal; however, believing that the pageant officials went too far insisting that the beauty queen receive breast implants.

Hopefully May Myat Noe’s will soon tell her side of the Miss Asia Pacific World incident.

Image Credit: Youtube.com]