Rita Ora Iggy Azalea Kiss: Why Didn’t The Aussie Want To Lock Lips With The Brit?

Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea got extremely close to locking lips at the Budweiser Made In America Festival. However, the singers didn’t seal the deal.

According to The Daily Mail, the ladies were performing “Black Widow” when Iggy Azalea made a move towards Rita Ora’s mouth. Ora probably had kissing on her mind after seeing the luscious lips Azalea’s black crop top, and the 23-year-old British singer looked pretty ecstatic when the 24-year-old Aussie rapper started stroking her face and getting close to her lips. However, Iggy was just being a tease.

This almost-kiss was probably inspired by Rita Ora’s plan for the MTV Video Music Awards. According to Celebuzz, Rita told The Sun that she wanted to snog her “Black Widow” collaborator during their performance. However, Iggy didn’t want to do something that’s already been done before.

“I said to Iggy ‘We should make out on stage and kiss during our performance.’ She told me that would be crazy because it’s already been done. Britney Spears and Madonna kissing was my favorite VMA performance ever.”

If Rita Ora really wanted to do unforgettable, she should have tried talking Iggy Azalea into doing a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired performance complete with whips and chains and a Red Room of Pain. Ora is starring in the movie based on the raunchy erotic novel, so she should have no shortage of bondage-inspired ideas.

Iggy had another reason for not wanting to recreate the kiss with Rita Ora — she doesn’t want to be called a “fake lesbian.” During an interview with Pridesource, she explained why she doesn’t want to kiss girls.

“I know I talk about women a lot, and I think women are beautiful and I like talking about them, but I didn’t want people to misconstrue that and think that I was being a fake lesbian… I love gay people, but I’m straight. I don’t wanna kiss girls. I’m not into girls.”

It’s probably a good thing Rita and Iggy didn’t recreate that iconic kiss. They haven’t quite reached the mega star status of Britney Spears and Madonna, so they’d likely get lambasted for daring to imitate the pop princess and her predecessor. Plus the “Black Widow” singers would have had to compete with another Britney throwback at the MTV VMAs — Katy Perry and rapper Riff-Raff stole the show by donning denim and recreating Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous 2001 American Music Awards outfits. Unfortunately, without the kiss, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea’s performance was one of the most forgettable of the night.

What do you think: Did Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea make a mistake by not kissing during their performance?

[Photo via Just Jared]