Jennifer Aniston: 'Friends' Skit On 'Jimmy Kimmel' Cringeworthy?

Asher Bayot

Jennifer Aniston recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel in a skit that surprised millions of fans around the globe. The Marley and Me actress appeared as a guest and played her old Friends character Rachel Green on a skit inspired by the 90s sitcom. The bit begins with Kimmel confessing to Aniston that he was a die-hard Friends fan during its run, even admitting to writing a few erotic fan fics about the show.

Jennifer Aniston appeared all irritated and reluctant to play along but according to a recent Inquisitr report, it was all an act on her part. The skit was actually rehearsed backstage before presenting it on the show, debunking claims that Aniston was caught surprised and unprepared by the brief sitcom reunion.

However, Jennifer's "mood" wasn't exactly the issue for some. Most people actually realized that Jennifer Aniston was just acting along. More fans were disappointed by how unfunny the actual skit was. On the Friends subreddit /r/howyoudoin, fans discussed their dismay over Aniston, Cox and Kudrow's appearances.

One fan wrote:

"I didn't find it particularly funny... Which is disappointing :("

"This is the closest thing we're gonna get to a reunion.... and now I'm sad."

In his most recent monologue, Jimmy Kimmel tried to make it appear as if fans were too dumb to get that Jennifer Aniston was just acting, but the truth is a lot of fans actually realized that. What many didn't like was that the skit was actually not as funny as they hoped it would be. Many found the skit cringey and awkward, which is sad because people are expecting more from a Friends reunion, which only comes once in a blue moon. Besides, movie reunion rumors remain a popular hope for many of the sitcom's audience, despite multiple main cast members including Aniston denying any type of development towards the making a film version.

Jennifer Aniston will reprise her role as dentist Julia Harris on Horrible Bosses 2, which is set to open on theaters this year.