Meet The World’s Saddest Cat: Forlorn-Faced Feline Finds Forever Home

The world’s saddest cat has a face that will definitely melt the coldest of hearts. She might look sad, but don’t feel bad if looking at her makes you smile.

According to Gossip Cop, a pretty kitty named Tucker has been dubbed the world’s saddest cat because of her droopy eyes and woeful facial expression. The gloomy-eyed female tabby was hanging out at The Purrfect Pals adoption center in Arlington, Washington hoping to find a happy family to go home with, and Tucker’s Buzzfeed-worthy face finally got her enough attention to help her score a forever home.

Tucker The Cat

The unique face of the world’s saddest cat could make her the next Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub, but a celebrity lifestyle might be a bit too strenuous for the year-old kitty. This is because she suffers from multiple health problems. The feline looks so forlorn because of genetic abnormalities that make her face droop. Tucker also has an autoimmune disease, and she’s prone to bruising and scabbing easily. Because of this, she has to stay dressed up in comfy-looking sweaters. So she’s not just the world’s saddest cat — she’s also the world’s coziest kitty. Tucker would probably rather stay snuggled up at home instead of trying to compete with Grumpy Cat for commercials, movies, and book deals.

Tucker The Cat 2

The world’s saddest cat obviously needed to find a human who likes playing nurse, and she got just what she needed in Katie and her husband. According to the Seattle Pets Examiner, lucky Tucker will be cared for by a family with experience taking care of special needs kitties. Katie works in a vet clinic and is the proud mama of a pussycat named Poe who suffers from problems that are similar to Tucker’s ailments. So Tucker isn’t just getting a mommy and daddy — she’s also getting a sibling to commiserate with.

Tucker The Cat 3

The world’s saddest cat will show her new humans how happy she is to be cared for by quietly sitting on their laps. Tucker might look too depressed to take part in normal cat activities, but she actually does enjoy playing with toys. Purrfect Pals also reports that Tucker is a family-friendly feline.

“She also loves to be petted under the chin and behind the ears and is great with children!”

If you were sad to learn that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a cat, hopefully the happy ending of the world’s saddest cat will put a smile on your face.

[Photos via Purrfect Pals]