WWE: Sting Vs. John Cena? CeNation Champ Will Also Love A Hulk Hogan Or Steve Austin Match

Would the WWE ever allow Sting Vs. John Cena? The Face of the WWE has been daydreaming about possible matches with legends lately and he has his big three picked out, including Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin. If he had picked two more out, he’d have his five matches of doom…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Sting himself believes that a WrestleMania 31 match of Sting Vs. The Undertaker does not need an excuse or a streak-ending plot… it just is and needs to happen.

Despite practically everyone (but the Hulk) saying Hulk Hogan’s back injuries prevent him from entering the ring in a serious match, Hogan insists that he could take on John Cena in a dream match. The feeling is mutual since Cena remembers how he “trained, said his prayers, and took his vitamins” as a Hulkamaniac during the 1980’s before he went on to start the CeNation we know today.

Looking back now, Cena admitted to The Miami Herald he would love to take on Sting, Hogan, or Austin in the ring.

“I do what I love, so when you wake up everyday, it’s not a job,” Cena said. “…A dream opponent for me would be Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Sting. I’m not sure if I could ever get in the ring with any of them, but you have heard Hogan say in the past, if he had one last match, he would want it to be against me. I say as a Hulk-a-Maniac growing up that would be the biggest honor I’ve ever received.”

Sting Vs John Cena

While Stone Cold Steve Austin could probably pass the physical and climb into the ring with John Cena, it still remains a question whether or not Sting will do an actual WWE match. For example, Bill Goldberg believes Sting may not wrestle at all despite entering the fold of the WWE. Instead, the wrestler believes it’s possible Sting is just throwing out the potential for different WWE matches in order to hype the business.

“You never know what WWE is doing. You never know what any of these guys are doing. You don’t know if they’re publicizing it to ramp up for an in-ring return or an appearance of if they’re just hinting at it so that they can sell more video games. You just never know.”

Who do you think Sting should wrestle assuming he does have a WWE match? Would Sting Vs. John Cena even appeal to you?