Charlotte McKinney May Be The New “It” Girl

Not much is known about model Charlotte McKinney, other than that fact that she is a drop dead gorgeous model with unattainable curves who may give Kate Upton a run for her money.

The 5’7 blond, blue-eyed bombshell has all the looks of an up and coming supermodel. Her Instagram page states that she works as a Wilhemina model in Los Angeles, where she plasters flawless photo after flawless photo of herself.

While she does not have interest in high fashion right now, as she revealed to Esquire, that could change for the Florida beauty. “I’m not high-fashion. I don’t do runway. You won’t see me at Fashion Week.”

From the looks of her Instagram photos, one would not believe this young lady was actually very insecure. She told Esquire that she dropped out of school at 17 due to constant bullying.

However, all that has changed now that McKinney has confidence and a smoking body. “I’m embracing what I have. I’m a curvier bombshell with big boobs.”

According to The Skinny Confidential, she is also a bit of a smart health freak, wearing plenty of sunscreen when needed and loves hot yoga. She enjoys munching on fish as part of her diet and drinking plenty of water. And chocolate!

McKinney is so down to earth, she even gave advice for other models dealing with criticism.

“A model tip would be to ignore the negativity & take any criticism and turn it into positive energy. Try your best but don’t beat yourself up if something really isn’t practical for your own self. As long as you’re feeling confident and don’t take anything too seriously, you’ll have a fun time with it.”

While we are envious of her perfect everything, we are happy that the fashion industry is welcoming curvaceous women into their arsenal.

It seems like the fashion industry loves to Photoshop models to outrageous perfection, almost to the point of making the models appear sick. Let us not forget the hideous Photoshop job of Kimora Lee Simmons for a Baby Phat ad.

McKinney certainly is not the first curvy model on the scene. Tyra Banks has been known for her curvaceous figure for her entire super model career. Victoria Secret model Karolina Kurkova is known for looking extra hot in a push up bra. Even veteran supermodel Elle Macpherson was one of the first non-stick thin models ever.

A Huffington Post Style article says that this new wave of appreciate for curvy bodies is probably due to dollars and cents. The sale of luxury items that the average Joe or Jane could never afford plunged to its lowest in recent years. The fashion industry decided to design luxury line clothes for regular sized women, some with massive boobs, and the skies suddenly got brighter.

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