Michele Bachmann Could Run Out Of Campaign Finances As Big GOP Donors Shy Away

GOP Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann is running into a very big issue as her campaign is failing to raise money from big GOP donors. If Bachmann fails to energize her base some experts believe she could be out of money by the Iowa caucuses.

The New York Times quotes former Bachmann campaign head Ed Rollins:

“When you raise small-donor money, you go on Fox and say something more or less outrageous and that’s what people contribute to. You throw a hand grenade, and people respond.”

Rollins continued down that line of thinking by noting:

“You’ve got to be a serious candidate with serious solutions. That’s a challenge.”

With various alienating comments made by Bachmann on a near daily basis it’s no surprise Bachmann has lost so much ground and GOP donor support to Texas Governor Rick Perry.

In the meantime it should be noted that Ed Rollins is currently in talks to land a network analysts position which may explain his harsh stance against his former campaign.

Do you think Bachmann still has time to turn her campaign around and raise the money she’ll need to continue on with her political journey? Even if she does raise money recent polls have showed Bachmann falling far behind her fellow nominees.