Victoria’s Secret Perfume Is Royals’ Catcher Secret Weapon

Victoria’s Secret perfume has been the way to many a man’s heart. When Salvador Perez tried out Victoria’s Secret scents he wasn’t attempting to get a date, he was attempting to get some more hits. The Kansas City Royals catcher says he started using Victoria’s Secret perfume after one of his teammates tipped him off to its magical abilities.

Salvador Perez was talking to a local Kansas City television station when he shed light on his secret weapon. “I learned that from (Royals shortstop) Alcides (Escobar), because every time he plays, he uses Victoria’s Secret. So one day I said, ‘Alcides, let me try it.”

Perez said that during the first inning of that game, the umpire actually commented about how much the Victoria’s Secret perfume made the catcher smell. Salvador says he responded with a simple “thank you” and got a hit not long after. For those who never played baseball at a relatively high level, players are incredibly superstitious. Because Perez got a hit wearing Victoria’s Secret perfume, the catcher decided it was because he was wearing Victoria’s Secret perfume that he got the hit at all.

Similar logic has been applied to players who wore the same underwear every day during a hitting streak. Hall of Fame third baseman Wade Boggs would famously eat the same order of fried chicken before every game. The big question that needs to be answered is why exactly Alcides Escobar was wearing Victoria’s Secret perfume in the first place.

It stands to reason he was told by somebody that wearing the perfume would help his game. What needs to be answered now is who exactly started this trend, or whether it really is a situation where the Royals have now found a secret weapon (that’s not so secret anymore) as they make a run in the pennant race. One has to wonder exactly when this habit first started.

Can Salvador Perez trace his starting to wear the scent as the first of the run that put KC in first place in the AL Central. It seems likely he would have mentioned something like that if only so more Royals players start wearing the same thing. If there is even a chance Perez can say this is the reason the winning has begun it seems likely even more teammates will want to pick up the habit. At that point, the entire team will be wearing Victoria’s Secret perfume before long.