Target Under Fire For Cancelled Missoni Orders, Customers Freak Out Online

Target retail stores and their online e-Commerce system have come under constant fire by angry customers after the company was unable to supply enough products from Italian designer Missoni.

Last week thousands of people showed up outside of Target stores around the country in an attempt to pick up discounted products from the designer only to be shut out by demand over supply and now a week later customers have taken to the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to flame the company’s social network platforms over a continued drought in product.

The shortage last week caused the Target website to crach and now one week later customers say their orders have been marked as delayed or cancelled all together by the retail giant.

At this time Target has not issued any public statements regarding the supply and demand issue.

On a personal note, I find it oddly American that customers during one of the worst downturns in our country’s history have taken to petty arguments over a product line from a company outside of the United States. Target offers amazing deals for a designer line, and demand far outpaced supply beyond the retailer’s reasonable expectations. That’s not Target’s fault, that’s the consumers problem and Economics 101.

What do you think about this newest customer rallying point? A deserved reaction to a popular product line or way too many people over-reacting over a bunch of “stuff.”