Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Promises Portia De Rossi And Mom She’ll Get Plastic Surgery In 2015

The news headlines have been a little quiet on the Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi front lately, with imminent divorce rumors being dispelled recently by most media outlets. But those rumors are back again, as are Hollywood’s most talked about couple. This time, while they are not focusing on allegations of divorce as such, it’s even more personal than that, a whole lot more. According to a Classiclite report on Friday, Anne Heche, Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend, is planning a tell-all book which may include revelations that could finish of the DeGeneres/de Rossi marriage once and for all. The report alleges that the kind of secrets Heche has on DeGeneres are serious and could really put a spanner in the works when revealed. An inside source revealed to Star Magazine that Ellen‘s ex, Heche, has been working away on her new book:

“The buzz is that she’s been working with an author who is spilling the beans about Ellen…Their breakup was bitter and Anne can be a spiteful person. One thing is for sure: Anne won’t paint Ellen in a positive light. Anne would definitely talk about Ellen’s control issues and reveal intimate details about their darkest fights–which could severely tarnish her public image and seriously upset Portia.”

Another report in Life & Style‘s latest issue asserts that Ellen is currently getting a very hard time from Portia, who has teamed up with Ellen’s mother, Betty, who thinks that the 56-year-old should get some plastic surgery as she is beginning to look a little “tired.” According to that report, Ellen’s mom has told her daughter it’s high-time to do something about her appearance, as she’s tired of her constantly complaining about it. The source alleged: “Betty told Ellen hat she doesn’t act her age so she might as well not look it. [She] took her aside and told her to stop complaining and do something about it…and Portia agreed.” According to the anonymous source: “She [Ellen] promised Betty and Portia she would give it a try in 2015.”