Hershey’s New Logo Unveiled: Does It Resemble Poop Emoji Icon?

The Hershey Company unveiled its all-new corporate branding and logo on Friday, claiming the new look was “fresh” and “modern.” Embarrassingly, it missed the fact that their brand new logo looks very similar to the Emoji poop icon that many smartphone users know well.

The new logo looks like its predecessor with only a few subtle changes, like getting rid of the 3D effect on the wording and replacing the trademarked Hershey’s kiss with one that is supposed to look stylized.

The problem is, it really looks like the Emoji poop icon, but — like really!

UPI reported that Hershey’s may have been sure to stick to its traditional colors of brown, white and silver, but didn’t anyone, in the presumably multi-million dollar transformation of Hershey’s image notice at all that the new logo looks suspiciously like a steaming pile of poop?

And that’s not very appealing to most consumers, other than ones with a strange fetish perhaps, so it remains to be seen how the new look will be received by the public.

In a press release regarding the new look Mike Wege, Senior Vice President and Chief Growth and Marketing Officer at Hershey, said:

“Today we are much more than the ‘Great American Chocolate Bar. We have an amazing portfolio of iconic brands in confectionery and snacking, a great workplace filled with remarkable people and a longstanding commitment to giving back to our communities. Our updated company brand and refreshed visual identity is an expression of our progression to a modern, innovative company that positively impacts our local communities as we continue to grow globally.”

Philly.com reported that the press release informed consumers that the new look will be incorporated across all platforms of the brand, including communications, websites and even the look of office spaces and retail stores:

“Along with the new logo, Hershey is implementing a new, disciplined visual identity system that is inspired by the famous colors of its most iconic brands, including Hershey’s, Reese’s and Ice Breakers, to bring a more colorful and consistent look to all of the company’s visual materials.”

Do you think that Hershey’s new logo looks too much like the Emoji poop icon or do you fail to see the similarity? You can sound-off in the comments feed provided below but here’s a pic of the Emoji poop icon to refresh your memory: