Brad and Angelina Honeymoon Will Be Hot and On Film

When the Inquisitr published the news about Pitt and Jolie marrying, it was huge, but now we have found out about the Brad and Angelina honeymoon plans and they’re HOT. What’s even more hot is that this honeymoon will, at least in part, be caught on film; and not (just) by paparazzi.

Brad and Angelina plan to spend their honeymoon in Malta, which is already a romantic place to be. The two are likely Hollywood’s sexiest couple, and after having been together for nine years (and six children), it became obvious that their wedding would be big news. Even bigger news, though, when you’re the hottest Hollywood couple going, is your honeymoon plan. For Brad and Angelina, Malta is a mixture of work and play.

A few years ago, Jolie wrote a movie script while fawning after her love, who was away working. She showed Brad the script, which she describes as “fun” and “an artsy piece” or drama. That script is now slated to become a film, By the Sea, in which Brad and Angelina honeymoon scenes will be shown on-screen in what Jolie herself described as “crazy sex scenes” meant to be shown on-camera.


Hollywood Life certainly seems to think this is the case. They say it’s definitely going to be steamy.

Sadly for the couple, of course, the honeymoon is on hold as Brad does PR for his new film Fury, but soon he will be joining Angelina in Malta to begin that honeymoon bliss – and the filming of By the Sea. The good news is that this new Brad and Angelina honeymoon film will be the first time the couple has worked together since they met when filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.