Teen Dies In Lamborghini Crash During Thrill-Seeking Test Drive

Samuel Shepard, an 18-year-old teen died Friday in a Lamborghini crash that left the high-powered sports car torn to bits.

The New York fatality took place in a Mount Sinai parking lot that left a stretch of County Road 83 closed for nine hours. According to a Newsday report, the single-car accident that killed the teenager took place about 2:30 a.m.

Shepard, described as a car enthusiast, met with Michael Power, 49, a friend of the family and owner of the Lamborghini. The two talked about possibly taking the car out for a spin.

It’s unknown why the two met in the early morning hours. Moreover, the teen’s father, Gene, who owns a body shop in the Long Island area, wasn’t aware his son and Power spoke about the “impromptu” car ride.

The scene of the accident brings up grisly reminders of a crash months ago that left Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker dead.

New York State Police said the New York teen died when the 2010 Lamborghini turned into the parking lot and slammed into a guardrail near Route 25A.

Shepard was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital, but was pronounced dead a short time later from injuries sustained in the horrific car crash. The passenger was injured in the fatal accident, but doctors said he did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Police Sgt. Michael Fitzharris spoke with reporters about the teen’s death in the Lamborghini crash. As far as a cause is concerned, he believes the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed.

I think it was probably just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the kid, and this man chose to give him this opportunity.”

The boy’s father, clearly stunned over the tragedy, said his son loved cars and had a special attraction to Lamborghinis. He spoke fondly about his son’s future; Shepard recently graduated high school and had plans on joining the Army Rangers and becoming a police officer later.

He was a very talented kid with his hands. He always helped me at the shop…. He used to see his dad was working hard and he’d pick up tools and start helping. Since he’s a kid, he’s been around cars. He had his whole future planned out. He knew exactly what he was going to be doing.”

It’s too early to know if the driver was impaired or if any other cars were involved in Friday’s tragedy. Toxicology results are typically part of accident death investigations. In many cases, results take weeks to come back.

At this time there are no witnesses to the Lamborghini crash that killed the teen.

[Image via Newsday]