Broadway Star Lea Salonga Is Amazed By A Fan’s Singing Voice She Randomly Picks For A Duet [VIDEO]

When it comes to the last decade and a half, most people who follow the thespian arts agree that theater hasn’t been as popular as it has this generation. Thanks to plays that appeal to the common audience such as Rent and Wicked (in which both featured Idina Menzel, famous for her role as Elsa in Frozen), Broadway is getting the attention of a younger generation. Just watch Book of Mormon and you’ll see what we mean (but only if you can handle culturally and religiously insensitivity).

One of Broadway’s most popular stars is Lea Salonga. Now for most people, they don’t know who she is unless they listen intently. Some of her Broadway credits includes the role of Kim in Miss Saigon and both Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables. She is also the singing voice of Mulan in Disney’s Mulan and Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin. So when she called a random fan up to sing a duet of “A Whole New World”, she was surprised at just how good he was as a singer.

The video above was uploaded by Jared Young, who now has an official YouTube channel. The video itself hows Jared acting a bit like a fanboy in the presence of the Broadway legend, but primarily out of show. He even improvises certain parts of the song to the enjoyment of the attended as well as Lea herself. At the video’s end, Lea explains how she’s been calling people up to sing the duet with her for six years. Apparently within those six years, she’s had great duets and some horrid ones too.

Now, Jared Young is featured for his outstanding performance with Lea Salonga which happened back in 2011. Just today, The San Francisco Globe wrote an article featuring Jared Young in which they wrote that Young could pass as a real-life Disney prince. He surely does have the looks for it and also the voice.

What did you think of Lea Salonga’s surprisingly wonderful duet with Jared Young? Do you think the up-and-coming singer has a future in music or even Broadway just by his voice? Please let us know in the comments below.

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