WWE Network: 5 Shows We’d Love To See

Jury’s still out on whether WWE Network will ultimately be a failure or a success.

As a subscriber, it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t be successful based on the amount of wrestling fans and the $9.99 with all PPVs included alone. Unless wrestling fans are all cheap and/or thieves, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

However, we do understand that there is more to selling a network than the special events (though there shouldn’t be in this case).

And for WWE Network, they need more programming like The Monday Night War and less programming like Legends House.

Here are five ideas for original programming that we think would be fantastic.

5. The Territories

Prior to the rise of a national wrestling promotion, the country was divided up into territories, and many of these places could feel like the Wild West instead of an actual business. You get glimpses of how great a series focused on the Territories would be from discussions on Legends of Wrestling, but we’d love to see the WWE Network unpack this into a more in-depth original.

4. Women Of Wrestling

The women who wrestled before the Divas came along were of a much rougher pedigree. If you’ve ever seen the documentary Lipstick & Dynamite, you know what we’re talking about. But that was only a 90-minute film. We’d rather WWE Network make a regular series out of it. Dig up the goods on a former woman wrestler, living or dead, and tell her story.

3. Wrestler Biography

Big fan of A&E’s series Biography. Wish WWE Network would do something similar by focusing on famous wrestlers down through the ages. Use old photos, archive footage, and dig a little deeper than the names that are instantly recognizable. While I loved the Ultimate Warrior biography that was aired shortly after his death, I’d want this to focus on guys like Nick Bockwinkel, Kevin Sullivan, and Jimmy Valiant.

2. More Wrestler Shoot Interviews

There are a lot of good ones on YouTube, but I believe WWE Network could produce a superior product.

1. Spotlights On The Indie Circuit

If you’re not going to offer some actual airtime for indie promotions, at least ink some partnerships with indie wrestlers throughout the country. Let us see a day in the life of men and women who may or may not ever make it to the WWE.

What shows do you think could enhance the WWE Network? Share your thoughts in our comments section.