Michelle Money and Cody Sattler Split After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale?

Is Bachelor in Paradise star Michelle Money‘s relationship with Cody Sattler already over or is their love story still going strong? Rumored to be one of the two couples who find love on ABC’s summer reality show, many fans are wondering if Cody came on too strong and scared Michelle off or if she found true love with the happy-go-lucky personal trainer from Chicago.

Even host Chris Harrison has his doubts, telling TV Guide that Cody seems “disingenuous and too positive and happy” to be the real deal. His non-stop happiness and affection for the word “love” made Michelle question Cody’s true intentions when he started pursuing her on Episode 4.

It threw Michelle off a bit, like, this guy [Cody] can’t be real. Michelle is pretty down-to-earth and has a good bullsh– meter, and I think it was off the charts when he first arrived.

On Episode 5, Michelle seemed even more skeptical about Cody’s intentions during a fake wedding photo shoot that took place on their date. She wore a wedding gown for part of the shoot and made it clear to onlookers that they were just pretending and were not actually married.

Although she had concerns about Cody’s desire to move quickly into an exclusive relationship, it didn’t stop Michelle from accepting a rose from him. It made Michelle very nervous when Cody revealed that he was falling in love, but she agreed give the relationship a try despite her fears. [Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

And give it a try she did, with Reality Steve spoiling that things go really well for the couple both on and off the show. On Episode 6, Michelle Money returns the favor and gives Cody a rose after realizing that his feelings for her are genuine.

On the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Michelle and Cody end up sharing the night together in the Fantasy Suite and then take their love story off-screen and into the real world.

After taping only three episodes together, viewers may find it hard to believe Michelle and Cody go the distance after the show ends. For fans who are rooting for them to make it, it looks like things are even moving forward even faster than expected. Cody reportedly left Chicago and is moving to Utah to be closer to Michelle.

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler are one of only two couples who find love on Bachelor in Paradise. Marcus and Lacy are also rumored to be moving closer to each other and reportedly got engaged on the finale. Watch their love stories unfold on the final two episodes that air September 1 and 8 on ABC.

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