Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union To Marry In A Castle, Rehearsal Dinner Pics Leak

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their wedding from becoming a public spectacle, but with the day of the wedding finally upon us, there’s no keeping certain bits of news from leaking. It turns out the couple will marry in a moated Florida castle, and pictures from the pair’s rehearsal dinner have gotten out to the press.

TMZ Sports has learned that Wade and Union will jump the broom at the Chateau Artisan, a 19,000 square foot, eight bedroom, 7.5 bathroom manse that sits on a 14-acre estate. Around the chateau is a massive moat, pretty much ensuring that their nuptials should go off without any interruptions. Chateau Artisan is also the place where rapper Birdman shot the 2010 music video for his song “Fire Flame.”

It is telling that the location of Wade and Union’s marriage didn’t become public until the day of the event; the couple has been especially protective of their wedding details. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Union has insisted that all guests leave their mobile phones outside of the event, ensuring that no one will be tweeting or Instagramming the ceremony.

Union and Wade even had a confidentiality agreement drawn up for relatives, guests, vendors, and caterers that will have to be signed before anyone can step foot into the wedding. Violation of the agreement could result in a pretty hefty cash fine, and undoubtedly no small amount of anger from Wade and Union.

Still, Dwyane and Gabrielle’s desire for secrecy hasn’t kept some details from leaking to the press. Earlier this year, the couple’s Save the Date video leaked, revealing footage of the adorable moment when Wade proposed to Union. The wedding invitations themselves have already become public, and now images from the couple’s rehearsal dinner have hit the internet.

MediaTakeOut got hold of pictures from shortly after Wade and Union finished up their rehearsal dinner. Apparently, the dinner was held at Prime 112 Restaurant, a swank location in Miami Beach. There are no pics of the actual dinner itself, but judging from the attire of Wade, Union, and the smiling people in attendance, it appears to have been a pretty upscale event.

Looking happy and a bit tired at 1 am, the couple popped into an exotic sports car and departed to cheers from those in attendance.

It’s almost certain that more pics will leak as the couple finally joins in matrimony, but this has so far been one of the most secretive celebrity weddings in recent memory. Wade and Union haven’t gone to the lengths of, say, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but they’ve definitely kept a details-hungry press at bay.

[Lead image via MediaTakeOut]