Introducing Project Wing! Is This The Future Of Delivery?

It is always awesome to be the first to know of an up-and-coming innovation that will make our lives easier. The innovation may not be the biggest discovery like curing cancer or heart disease, but it is always amazing to be in attendance of something that progresses technology for the betterment of mankind. For some, this includes Google Glass and Oculus Rift. But to some, those same inventions are a threat to privacy.

Now there is a new invention being made known as Project Wing. The video was uploaded on August 28, 2014 and already has over 650,000 views with over 5,000 likes. Almost 200 people are unsure about the project and disliked it. Nevertheless, its popularity has given this video the honor of being one of The Most Popular Videos on YouTube.

Believe it or not, this project is part of the Google[X] program and the video was uploaded on the official YouTube page of Google. Their description of the project is quoted below.

“Project Wing is a Google[x] project that is developing a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles. As part of our research, we built a vehicle and traveled to Queensland, Australia for some test flights. There, we successfully delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a couple of Australian farmers. We’re only just beginning to develop the technology to make a safe delivery system possible, but we think that there’s tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, safely and efficiently.”

The video demonstrates this by having Project Wing deliver some doggie treats to one of the guys who main guys who happens to be a companion to a pet dog, who was enthusiastic once the dog treats arrived. One must wonder if this may cause issues for privacy too since drones have been in the news for invasion of privacy as well as being a nuisance in general.

What do you think about Project Wing? Do you think this new form of delivery will be the wave of the future? Or do you think this is just a waste of money if it were to be mass produced for use nationwide? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Project Wing]