Elephant Playing Hula Hoop Will Make You Smile [Video]

We here at The Inquisitr enjoy watching animals acting like their adorable selves. Be it pets meeting newborns for the first time or a squirrel epically failing at taking food from a bird feeder, it is adorable to watch. However, it is very rare that the general public gets to capture bigger animals act all cute and adorable. True, we get some rarities like a bear saving a bird from drowning or the relationship between a bear, tiger, and lion, but they are very few in between.

Fortunately, we now have a new video that shows off an elephant having fun. This isn’t your typical elephant fun, which usually includes using their trunks as a water cannon. I ask you if you’ve ever seen an elephant “hula hoop” before that wasn’t in a cartoon?

If you answered “no” to the question above, the YouTube channel, elephantnews directed one and it is very cute. Uploaded on August 25, 2014, the video now has over 270,000 views with 790 likes. Only 10 people didn’t like the video and were probably expecting cartoons. Nevertheless, its popularity has given the video the honor of being on Most Popular Videos on YouTube.

The elephant in the film lives at Elephant National Park and is engaging in cute behavior. Fai Mai enjoys herself as she twirls around a large circular piece of tube plastic, which is known to the animal as a “hula hoop.” Though not as articulately beautiful or majestic like Rachel Lust, it satisfies the heart just to see Fai Mai enjoy herself out in the beautiful landscape of the national park.

Now that you’ve seen the video, we want to know what you think about Fai Mai and her hula hooping skills? Was it exactly what you expected to see? If not, were you satisfied watching an elephant enjoy herself? Please let us know in the comments below.