WWE News: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Health Update, Has Brain Abnormality According To Lawyer

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts began working very hard on his health with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) last year. This not only got the WWE snake charmer off drugs, but helped him lose weight and so much more. Sadly, the bottom came out in his run of good luck.

Roberts had a problem with his leg, and after getting it checked out by doctors, he had to have surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor. It was said to be muscular cancer that the Hall of Famer was dealing with. After removing the problem and seeking treatment, it seemed that he was feeling better.

In July, Roberts told the world that he was proud to be cancer free. Fast forward to August 28, 2014 and Jake Roberts passes out on a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas to attend a birthday party for fellow wrestler Nick Cvjetkovich, better known to WWE fans as Kizarny. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and woke up in the ICU.

He was diagnosed with double pneumonia. This may not sound all that bad, but for a person who has done drugs in the past and has terrible lungs by now, pneumonia can be life threatening.

For the average person, pneumonia can be horrible. It is tough to breath and if not treated, it could cause a ton of problems. It is an infection of the lungs and can spread quickly. So if left untreated, one can die from it with healthy lungs. So imagine how Jake feels.

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Roberts had already been sick, however, as the WWE’s resident reptile expert was diagnosed with the flu just two weeks earlier and was told to take it easy for a while and rest. However, being stubborn, he decided to continue with his wrestling-related appearances. This led to him getting sicker and ultimately resulted in pneumonia.

Had he stayed out of the random areas he should not have been, such as random clubs and events where he could catch other things, he might not be having this problem. Recently, Roberts was moved from the first medical city to another. The reason was said to be that this medical facility was better equipped to help him, as fluid found around his lungs has spread to other organs. This can be quite dangerous, so the move was smart by the medical professionals.

Fellow WWE Legend DDP has been with Roberts for the better part of the troubles. He told WWE fans as well as people who are just Jake Roberts fans that Roberts is in stable condition and fully coherent. He did jokingly add that Jake was “a little grumpy.”

Jake was undergoing more tests upon the move when doctors found what they called a “brain abnormality,” according to the WWE Legend’s manager and lawyer. This could be cancerous but there is no actual report telling us of anything regarding cancer coming back for him. A brain abnormality is not out of the norm for drug addicts or former addicts, as that does mess with the brain a great deal. However, abnormalities are usually tumors or something similar to that.

His lawyer stressed that neither drugs or alcohol had any bearing on him falling ill.

The former WWE great is not in a good way currently, but he is being evaluated and more updates are sure to come. Stay with The Inquisitr daily for more as we know it.

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