Miranda Lambert Pregnant: Country Star Reportedly Expecting Baby With Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert is reportedly pregnant, with sources saying that the country singer is expecting her first child with husband Blake Shelton but keeping the news quiet.

The pregnancy rumors have actually surrounded the 30-year-old country star for some time, though the couple has never addressed the reports publicly.

In the latest issue of Star, a source confirmed that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are planning on a big family and appear to be getting started now.

“[Blake and Miranda] have both always wanted a big family, and having that first baby would be a dream come true for them. She and Blake are keeping all baby news a secret for now, but everything points toward Miranda being pregnant,” the source said.

If the Miranda Lambert pregnancy rumors are true, it would represent quite a turnaround from other reports about their relationship. Many publications have reported trouble between Blake and Miranda, saying that the couple was nearing divorce.

A report from Star magazine claims that Miranda Lambert had grown tired of putting on a good face in public. A source said that Miranda was trying very hard on social media to show fans that she is in a happy marriage, but in reality was growing tired of Blake Shelton’s lifestyle. Miranda had taken great efforts to get healthier, losing 45 pounds in the last year, but Blake reportedly continued drinking.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry:

“Instead, sources say that Miranda’s mood is absolutely horrid, probably because her body isn’t really getting what it needs. She’s likely always hungry and that causes mood swings that are intensified by the other problems in her life. She’s skinny and she still doesn’t trust her husband and divorce is still looking like as viable an option as it did this time last year.”

If Miranda Lambert is truly pregnant, it appears fans will have to wait until an official announcement from the couple.