Adopted Pit Bull Saves Boy From Attacking Bees

A family in Oregon is hailing their adopted pit bull a hero. The pit bull is responsible for saving the family’s little boy from attacking bees. The bees attacked a group of children playing by a creek, but as the children fled from the bees, one boy was left behind. This is when the family pit bull stepped in and saved the day.

KFOR reports, on Tuesday, a group of kids were playing near a creek down a steep embankment when a child accidentally stepped on a rotten log. Inside the log was a bee nest. The bees began swarming the children. The children began to flee from the bees, but the bees followed. As the children made their way up a nearby hill to get away from the bees, one eight-year-old boy, Jesse-Cole Shaver, was left behind and couldn’t make it up the hill fast enough.

This is when the family’s adopted pit bull, Hades, came to the rescue. The pit bull pulled the little boy by his pants up the hill away from the bees. When the boy still couldn’t go fast enough, the dog allowed the boy to climb on his back and immediately ran the boy to his mother. Jesse Cole told reports:

“Hades saw me and came and dragged me up to the grass and stopped and let me crawl on her back and took me to my mom.”

The mother said she was astonished when she say the children running towards her with Hades dragging and carrying the boy. Shaver’s mother notes that Jesse-Cole had been stung at least 24 times during the bee attack.

11Alive News reported that the boy was immediately taken to the hospital, but he made sure to give Hades the pit bull a huge hug as soon as he returned home. The bee attack was incredibly serious. Jesse’s mother says the hospital and doctors were pulling bees out of their hair when the boys arrived. Jesse’s mother is grateful for the dog’s actions noting,

“If Hades wasn’t there to help, a couple of these kids could have got really sick or died, I’m sure of it.”

Though Hades was stung numerous times by the bees, she is in good health and spirits along with all the boys. The situation could have ended drastically different had the dog not been there to lend a helping hand. Does this pit bull’s actions surprise you?

[Image Credit: WBALTV]