Miss America 2014: Has Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre Run Out Of Time?

Miss America 2014 is almost upon us, and the various contestants from all the states will head out soon. But whatever happened to former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre? Last we heard, she had filed a lawsuit to have her crown re-instated for Miss America 2014, but with the date of September 15 fast approaching, it seems she’s running out of time.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another beauty queen named Natalie McGovern is the current reigning Ms. Nebraska United States 2014, and she claims the Miss America beauty pageant also revoked her scholarship in a similar manner to former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre.

The former Miss Delaware lost her crown based upon a technicality because she was “too old” by only a few months. Miss America pageant rules state that contestants must not only be no older than 24, but they also cannot turn 25 before the end of the year. But Longacre had given the Miss America Organization (MAO) documentation ahead of time and they let her compete despite the age issue. Due to the scandal, the MAO promised to reinstate her scholarship, but Longacre is also seeking $3 million in damages in a lawsuit.

At this point, the current reigning Miss Delaware Brittany Lewis will be getting ready to head to Miss America 2014. If a judge makes a decision in the Longacre case, it will probably be a last minute decision, but we can look to the past to see what would likely happen.

Back in 2002, there were actually two Miss North Carolina contestants for a time at Miss America. Rebekah Revels lost her crown after topless photos of herself went public, which resulted in Misty Clymer becoming Miss North Carolina. But Revels claimed her boyfriend took the photo while she was changing. Revels sued both the Miss America organization and her boyfriend.

In the end, U.S. District Court Judge James Fox decided that having two Miss America contestants from the same state was impractical and would not force the organization to accept her.

“If you think there can be two Miss North Carolinas, there should be three Miss New Yorks, two Miss Colorados, two Miss Alaskas. It’s not realistic.”

Because of the decision by the judge, Revels was allowed to observe the contest and was given all the courtesies afforded by a Miss America contestant, but she did not compete in the finals. Judges tend to look at decisions made in prior rulings, so it’s possible the Amanda Longacre lawsuit will end in the same way.

Do you there should be two Miss Delaware contestants for Miss America 2014?