'Big Brother 16': Frankie Says America Not Ready For Drag, Blames Audience For Failure Of Team America Mission

Big Brother 16 has a unique twist this year: Team America, a group of house guests voted on by viewers to undertake covert missions inside the house. Up until this week, the potential jobs were created by the show's production team and voted on by America. The most recent mission, however, was production's curve ball: for Team America to come up with its own mission and then have the viewers decide whether or not it was successful.

The open-ended nature of the mission was a perfect opportunity for fan favorite Donny Thompson to vie for another extension on his Big Brother life. Up for eviction this week, he suggested his Team America colleagues sway the vote in his favor and keep the team together. Frankie had other ideas. He wanted to put on a play. Derrick, who wanted Donny out of the house, agreed to Frankie's plan.

The play, House Swap, had the current house guests playing evicted house guests, and featured Frankie portraying the first evictee of this Big Brother season, Joey. Frankie dressed appropriately in heels and full makeup. When the judgment came down on the mission, host Julie Chen revealed to the Team America allies that the verdict was an "overwhelming no." The audience ruled it was a no-go, and each of the team members lost out on the $5,000 prize.

Frankie's reasoning? America is not ready for drag. As Big Brother Network reports, he told Derrick that was the element that killed the mission:

"So, now that I'm thinking about it, you know a lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag. This is an American family show. There are a lot of American families who do not understand drag."

Frankie also surmised that production edited the action in the Big Brother house to make it look like Frankie and Derrick refused to help save Donny -- which Big Brother Network asserts was actually truthful editing, when compared with the live feeds.

As for Donny's feelings upon eviction, he told CarterMatt he blamed Frankie and Derrick for his departure:

"To know that America voted for the three of us together, should have told us we should work together. That was a little bit of outside information that America liked us and wanted us to work together. I understand making it to final three might have been impractical, but I think we should have gone further together as a team. I know they could have swayed the votes to save me, basically Team America voted me out."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Frankie's big reveal that he is pop star Ariana Grande's brother had less of an effect on his game than he anticipated. As far as Team America goes, Big Brother Network also reports that twist will remain until production calls it quits or there are no more members of the fan alliance left inside the Big Brother house.

[Image: Big Brother/CBS]