Nina Dobrev’s ‘Starbucks’ Man Order Would Be ‘Tall, Whipped, Mocha’

Nina Dobrev loves Starbucks so much that she used a mocha drink to describe her ideal man. Let’s just say one requirement has something to do with the temperature and size (get your mind out the gutter).

When a person is challenged on the spot with describing their idea of the perfect mate, a number of qualities come to mind: thoughtful, outgoing, family oriented, and someone with a sense of humor.

As far as physical attributes are concerned, the obligatory, “tall, dark, and handsome” response is common for men, while “stacked and racked” are some descriptors that surface for the ladies.

Nina Dobrev, on the other hand, got a bit creative in sharing her vision of her significant other. The Vampire Diaries star took to her Instagram account Thursday and shared her ideal man wish list with fans. And to really mix things up, she used a Starbucks beverage to make her point. Oh là là.

Nina uses a whimsical way of getting her point across — “extra hot, please” — but didn’t you get the vision that scores of blokes are checking their goods to see if they measure up to Dobrev’s list of requirements?

According to the latest rumor, Nina and Orlando Bloom have been getting cozy together. They both were seen in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con making out as if they were the only ones on the planet. A witness told Us Weekly the PDA went on for about 20 minutes without them coming up for air.

Considering that the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings actor recently split from his wife of three years, Miranda Kerr, and Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder went their separate ways last year (prior to that, she dated DWTS’‘ Derek Hough), it’s not odd they would hook up.

Unlike Nikki Reed, who is now dating Ian — yeah, what a love triangle — and is said to be moving too fast and risking a repeat of her failed marriage, Nina appears to be comfortable and in a good place with Orlando.

An acquaintance made the point that Dobrev and Bloom are not forcing things along, and appear to be taking their relationship — whatever it is — one day at a time.

She’s single and having fun!”

Hmm, back to Nina Dobrev’s use of a Starbucks mocha drink to describe must-haves in a man. Recall, she used “tall” and “ripped,” to name a few.

According to Bloom’s IMDb bio, he stands 5-foot-11, and this photo makes the case for Orlando making the cut — albeit ever slightly — as a mocha man.

What Nina wants, Nina gets.

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